An Intrinsic Love of Animals

Website Project Devoted to our Furry Friends

Bark Natural Pet is a review portal and one stop shop featuring many companies selling retail natural and organic pet food, healthy treats, supplements, holistic pet products, chemical-free grooming products and other quality pet supplies. 

Being fanatical pet lovers ourselves, we are passionate about spreading the word and this website project. We will devote our love and passion for our animal friends to the quality of this project and  growth over the years.


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A New Way to Live Healthier

Taking our Health into Our Own Hands

To the greatest extent possible, we believe in using clean, sustainable, chemical and preservative free products.  People are realizing the importance of the careful consideration of what goes into their mouths and what they put on their bodies.  Unfortunately, our modern culture seems to be caught in a downward spiral of sickness with an ever-increasing prevalence of degenerative diseases becoming common place. We have all trusted the manufacturers, scientists and governmental regulatory organizations for too long.  

People all over the globe are taking their health into their own hands by insisting on pure food and cosmetic products along with supplements for boosting the immune system along with mitigating and issues of illness. 

Health and Wellness for Your Pet

Our Life Companions Deserve the Best

Holding strong to our new found commitment to a healthier life for ourselves and our families, we also want to do what is right by our pets.  Animals are at an even greater disadvantage than us humans as they typically live much shorter lives.  After all, we all want to hold onto our pets for as long as possible.  They enrich our lives, bring us comfort, joy, happiness and companionship. 

We feel proud to provide this comprehensive review and featured product website as a gateway to the resources for healthier pets.  As each of our beloved buddies become an ever increasing and important part of our families, we want them to be healthy, happy and around for as long as possible; just like our other family members.   


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Excitement Abounds 

Higher Quality Ingredients, less Chemicals and Additives

Being avid pet lovers, we were excited to see the natural and organic food revolution take hold for our furry critters.  Many of our friends and family started to embrace this methodology in their feeding regimen for their dogs and cats.  As a result, they began to notice significantly fewer medical conditions and visits to the veterinarian.  

Natural pet food generally contains higher quality and more wholesome ingredients.  Many of the foods are enhanced with supplements that boost nutrient levels that result in a significantly better ability for the recipients to fend-off disease and live longer and happier lives. Certified organic pet foods characteristically have even better profiles as contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides are held to a minimum. 

Standard Commercial Pet Food

We don’t Pay Attention to the Labels

Many people don’t realize the “quality factor” of standard, commercial pet food.  The inferiority of the ingredients used is the main problem with regular commercial pet food.  Also, the preservatives, animal byproducts and fillers used in the mass production of these products result a strain on the biology and metabolism of your pets and degrades their health. 

When was the last time you or anyone you know looked at a pet food label?  Many of the inexpensive fillers used in these products have little or no nutritional value and are a very doubtful source of protein.  They are used almost entirely to boost the quantity or weight of the pet food products. 

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 Natural Dog Food

Products We Feature

Quality Pet Food, Supplements, Cleaning & Grooming 

Some of the products featured on our site will include certified organic pet food, freeze dried pet food, frozen raw pet food, vegetarian pet food, holistic kibble, natural kitten and puppy food, reduced calorie formulas, low fat diet foods, large breed kibble, small breed kibble, canned food, natural treats, healthy treats, bird food, vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements, joint support products such as glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, senior pet maintenance products, cat litter and quality grooming products such as pet shampoo, skin and coat conditioners and brushes.  

Watch Us Grow

New Content Added Regularly

Our site will grow in scope with reviews of companies and products along with an online forum to discuss personal experiences pet owners want to share with each other.

 Watch Us Grow